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Complete meeting planning services from initial planning to registration to execution to financial reconciliation.

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By leveraging strategic industry partnerships, we will locate your event in the perfect place for success.

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Mistakes are costly and defeat your goals.  We'll help you navigate all the questions. Many organizations struggle with event registration, venue contracts, and cost controls.  Let us guide you.

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The Very Best of the Best

Conferences that I have attended that were planned, organized, and executed by Bryan Burgin have consistently been the very best of the best. The locations have clearly been selected to enhance the conference experience, as well as meet the needs of the attendees. The flow from conference preregistration to actual registration, from conference opening to closing have always been implemented seamlessly. Bryan easily establishes positive relationships with the organizations sponsoring conferences, which then are passed on to his staff and, hence, to conference attendees. Bryan's expertise in and commitment to providing the very best conference from initial planning to final execution is essential to a successful conference for any organization. - Donna Salisbury, Former President, National Association for Professional Development Schools  

Put Your Mind at Ease

I have attended more than a dozen large conferences and several smaller, boutique meetings planned by Bryan over the years. Every detail was well planned and executed making registering and attending easy. Hotel details, conference brochures and emails, conference materials and giveaways, meals, and receptions were all done within budget and to the satisfaction of conference attendees. Bryan’s work with large conferences rivals any other large conferences. His boutique meetings were comfortable, intimate, and always included specialty foods from the city/region of the meeting. Palmetto Planners will put your mind at ease with regard to putting on a meeting or conference!-  Dr. Elliott Lessen, Dean and Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Demonstrated Expertise

As a former dean of a college, my responsibilities included ensuring that the college's "brand" was articulated in a professional manner. Conferences sponsored by a college are a part of establishing and maintaining that brand; and conference coordination requires that every detail be handled in an efficacious and efficient manner. Bryan Burgin was Director of Conferences for my college. To say his demonstrated expertise was outstanding is a gross understatement. From preliminary conference ideation, to preplanning and design, to conference operations, to conference evaluation and feedback, Bryan's steady hand was always apparent. His reputation in the field is beyond reproach. I can think of no one more  adept at ensuring a consistent, well-regarded, and impactful conference than Bryan Burgin.- Les Sternberg, Ph.D., Dean and Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina

Makes the Complicated Look So Easy

I had the professional pleasure for thirteen consecutive years of having Bryan Burgin guide me through the process of crafting and carrying out a major educational conference at multiple sites throughout the United States. While I handled the academic side of the event, Bryan orchestrated the logistical aspects of the four-day conference and did so with such dexterity that attendees consistently praised the gathering as the best-run conference they participated in on an annual basis. The resourcefulness Bryan exhibited in bringing together the right staff and managing every intricate detail from pre-registration through the final day’s activities made each conference seem like it ran itself. The truth, however, is that only a skilled professional like Bryan Burgin can make the complicated look so easy. - Dr. Bruce E. Field, Professor and Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning, Georgia Southern University    

Analyze, Fine Tune, and Deliver

Bryan Burgin is the maestro of event planning!  His keen ability to analyze contractor needs, fine tune, and deliver a flawless turnkey event is unsurpassed.  His refined management at our Education and Business Summit, coupled with his dependable, cool-headed problem-solving skills, created an event that year-after-year was recognized by national educational leaders as one of the most impressive in the country.  Bryan and his highly-experienced staff deliver professional efficiency, financial accuracy, and intuitive attention to detail that is expected by demanding contractors at large-scale events.  It is simply delightful working with Bryan to coordinate an event that attendees deeply value and consistently evaluate as excellent. - Dr. Ray Davis, Education Associate (Retired), SC Department of Education   

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